Customize Data Fields Custom database fields for unique requirements
Overview During member signup and profile management, you may want to capture data fields from your users that are unique to your organization and/or sport. We provide you with this flexibility in our platform.

Data collection made simple

Define new data fields in the data modeler
Define relationships between various data fields
Configure time series settings if your data orientation is chronological
Provide security settings to determine who has access to the data elements
Define new reports you would like to see based on the new data elements
Add the new data elements to any existing user interfaces where you may want to see them
In the future, we will provide API access to all of this data

Data field customization

Data inputs in the form of numbers, text, multiple choices, list of values, dropdowns and even geo-locations can be customized as per the requirements.

Reports and access control

Efficiently control and access information gathered from data fields.

Data field placement

Precisely choose and set data field orders to establish priority for mandatory fields.