Points-Table based Rankings Calculate rankings based on table of tournament grades and points awarded based on performances at each grade.
Overview With a table-based ranking system, you grade your tournament and specify how many points are awarded for quarter-finalists, semi-finalists and all other result earners at your event, which can change over time. Our system will take those configurations and calculate rankings as competition results are entered. This system is already used for calculating World and Olympic rankings.

Intuitive process

Define ranking categories and sub-categories
Define the points tables for each sub-category
Define the point aggregation rules
Select, apply and fill out parameters from an array of exception rules
Calculate and publish rankings

Athlete Points

Points table for various tournament grades and participant results.

Changes tracked over time

Change points table and exception rule sets for different time periods.

Exception rules

Large array of exception rules available ready to use. Example of an exception rule: Award 10000 points to a finalist in a 5* event unless there are less than 5 participants in the event, then only award 50% of the points.