Learning Management System(LMS) Online education and online certificate management built into the membership system.
Overview Use our learning management system to your coach, umpire, referee, safeguarding, education and certification programs online. Courses can contain text, and video content along with examinations with automated pass/fail criteria. Conduct scheduled live lessons online as well as webinars.

E-learning and E-certification

Set up online courses using audio/video/textual content.
Set up 'eligibility rules' for courses to define student eligibility.
Allow students to enroll in the courses.
Grant access to student forums, provide extra study material, and make announcements.
Provide extra study material, respond to student questions, and setup live video conferencing.
Create Certificates that require one more courses to be completed.
Allow students who meet the criteria for earning the certificate to download it as a PDF.

Online Course Designer

Use our online course designer to set up lessons with educational content, quizzes, tests, pass/fail criteria, and manual grading of essay questions.

Hybrid Courses

Use our support features to assist with in-person educational opportunities as well as live video conferencing.

Automated rules

Grade quizzes/tests, determine pass/fail statuses of students, assign certificates to students who have earned it automatically to reduce your administrative burden.

Completion Certificates

Use our visual certificate designer to design certificate templates. Allow your students to easily download PDFs of the certificates they earn.